Radiant Heat
Construction Methods

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Concrete Floors
In lower levels, basements and garages, Wirsbo
PEX tubing is tied to the reinforcing mesh before
the slab is poured.  Radiant floor is very easy and
cost effective to install in concrete.
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Suspended Floors
Wisbo PEX tubing is installed over suspended
wood floors and covered with lightweight concrete.
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Heat Transfer Plates
Suspended Floors
Wirsbo PEX tubing is placed over the suspended
wood floor.  The tubing rests in heat transfer
plates that radiate heat uniformly from the system
into the floor above.  This method is an alternative
to lightweight concrete and is excellent for remodel-
ing projects or additions to your home.

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Wirsbo PEX tubing and heat emission plates are
attached to the ceiling joists or sheetrock.  The
ceilings radiate heat to people and objects much
like radiant floor.  Radiant ceiling is perfect for
remodeling projects, additions and for heating the
upper floors of your new home.
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Between Joists
Wirsbo PEX tubing can be installed between floor
joists.  Between the joist heating is perfect for re-
modeling projects, additions and for heating upper
floors of your new home.

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