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Brief History

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Radiant floor heating actually dates back to the days of the Romans.  As early as 60 A.D., Roman buildings were equipped with crude, but effective, radiant floor heating systems.  Those simpler, wood fired systems have been replaced with hydronic systems using cross-linked Polyethylene, or PEX, tubing.

Picture yourself getting up on a cold snowy day looking for your slippers and robe and afraid to step barefoot onto your bathroom floor.  Well, abandon your fears!  Our award winning radiant floor systems will put you in tropical comfort all winter long.  No more hot and cold spots, dust, drafts, or noise, just silent even heat distribution without the unsightly look of baseboards, registers, or grills.  Full freedom to decorate and place furniture where you like it.  All of this with an added fuel savings on top.


Why is radiant heating grabbing the attention of everyone, from the heating contractor to the builder, architect, engineer, and homeowner?

First and foremost, radiant floor heating is without doubt, the most comfortable form of heating there is for any residential, commercial, or industrial structure.  There’s no question about it.  Ask anyone who has ever lived or worked in a building with floor heating.  They’ll tell you. The warm coziness surrounds and envelops you, creating the perfect living and working environment.   There are no hot or cold spots and no drafts, as you would have with forced hot air.  People feel better with radiant heating, they’re more productive, happier, and much, much more comfortable.

In addition, radiant floor heating is an incredibly efficient mode of heat delivery.  distrib.gif (20045 bytes)History has shown floor heating provides energy savings of 20 to 40% over forced hot air, in most cases.  Buildings with high ceilings, large windows, poor insulation, high infiltration or a combination of these are likely to experience greater energy savings.

There is a long list of other benefits as well.  For instance, floor heating is much cleaner and more healthful than the alternative.  Since we’re not blowing hot air around, we are sharply reducing the spread of dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants.  Anyone with allergies can certainly appreciate this benefit! Also, since floor heating is actually part of the building, it doesn’t affect the appearance of a room – you don’t have to look at it!  Along the same lines, floor heating allows for complete design freedom.  Furniture can be placed anywhere without concern over how to it affects the performance of the heating system.

Other benefits include easy and unlimited zonability (a tremendous benefit residentially), reduced and easy maintenance (a tremendous benefit  commercially), and more usable space (no bulky ductwork or radiators).  Floor heating is virtually silent, helps keep floors clean and dry and can increase property values.

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